The Start of an Era.

In the spring of 1967, Dwight McCullough Jr. bought a small 10x24" Austin Western gravel crusher and secured a lease on a gravel pit in Woodbury, Vermont.










In June of that same year he bought a dump truck and along with it came his first employee.


The company was incorporated in December of 1981 and has grown to 38 employees. Currently McCullough Crushing is being run by Dwight's two sons Scott and Fred and has two of Dwight's nephews as well as his Grandson Ian McCullough working in the business. Dwight's integrity opened doors for the company and it is that same brand of integrity you can count on when dealing with McCullough Crushing today. By the way, That first employee is still with McCullough Crushing! (Not to mention the gentleman that sold us the first dump truck) 

In 2020, Scott McCullough retired his position at McCullough and his nephew Matt Dwire with Dwight's grandson Ian McCullough officially became part owners alongside Fred McCullough. The business is now 3 generations old and they still operate with the same integrity as Dwight did. A handshake and a word go a long way.