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We operate 5 locations spread throughout the state of Vermont to better provide our customers with a greater range of not only convenient locations, but to provide you with a "direct from the crusher to you" dynamic. Since we crush in all of our locations exclusively and eliminate the middle man, you can be assured you're getting the best deal.


Chelsea, VT.

Primarily ledge material. Consistent hardness throughout the rock. Great for driveways, walkways, drainage. Mainly gray rock with streaks and accents of quartz. Great looking end product.

Ryegate, VT.

What was originally a granite quarry opened in 1906 has now been converted into an active crushing operation. All granite material. Extremely hard material. Multiple streaks of grey and spots of feldspar (black) throughout the rock. Great durability. Very cubicle rock.

South Barre, VT.

Gravel and sand either out of the bank or screened. Crushed gravel is also available along with crushed recycled granite (when available). Good applications for such an aggregate include (but are not limited to) driveways, logging road repair, as well as sand for neighboring towns and sheds. 

Berlin, VT.

Formerly Brosseau Stone Products, our McBro quarry offers ledge material suitable for driveways, walkways, drainage, road base material, and stone to line ditches with. Accents of quartz throughout. Beginning shortly, we will offer wall stone and patio stone on pallets for your convenience. 

Georgia, VT.

Generally blue/gray ledge. Very hard rock. Streaks of blue/black/gray as well as limestone offer an extremely attrative end product. Great for driveways, walkways, and drainage.

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